What is Made to Order?

What is Made to Order?

It is the day’s end as I sit here and type this from my desk, which is covered in some of our latest offerings; Coyote Rough Out, Black Horse Rump, Chukkas, Army Waxy Commander, as well as some new, soon-to-be-released leathers. We build boots in our workshop at the highest level of craftsmanship, and each boot next to me is a flawless execution of our process. Each pair has been given an obsessive focus, at every step.


Our tiny-but-agile production builds in batches of boots, to keep focussed and deliver the best finished result.

And, while some boot workshops' processes are overly automated with so many moving parts and people that customizations and modifications are unmanageable, we relish our ability to offer occasional opportunities to personalize a pair of boots. This is where Made to Order comes in.

Made to Order

During a Made to Order event, we open up certain leathers or styles, such as Chukkas or Derbies. These events are limited time opportunities where we allow a slew of customizations to be made, from sole style to hardware finish.

The result is a very unique-to-its-owner pair of boots, dialed precisely in to their idiosyncrasies.

The great majority of you find our standard boot makeups to be exactly what you are looking for. However, if you’re one of those people for whom it is critical that the toe be unstructured, or its a "no-go" if the construction isn't stitchdown, or you NEED polished brass eyelets, lookout for an MTO event so you can tinker with it. For our MTO process, we estimate twelve weeks from the event ending until ship date, which means a little longer of a lead time, but as they say, anticipation heightens pleasure.

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