Ultimate Truman Sizing Guide

Sizing from Afar

Truman boots are an investment. It’s not every day you buy shoes designed to outlast the rest of your wardrobe. Naturally, you want to make sure you’re choosing the right size. If you have some lingering hesitation about sizing your Trumans from a distance, you’ve come to the right place. 

We’ll walk you through a three stage process to find your correct Truman sizing. First, we’ll explain the impact our different lasts have on sizing. Second, we’ll go through the process of determining your size in consideration of our lasts. Finally, we’ll talk through special considerations that could alter your fit.

Starting with the Lasts  

A last is the mold upon which a boot is constructed. Some boots run narrow or have a more rounded toe because of the lasts they were built on. As a result, it’s typical for sizing to vary depending on the last used for the boot.

Our boots come in three different lasts: the Men’s C-55, the Men’s P-79, and the Women’s 36. Don’t let the letters and numbers intimidate you, these are just typical naming conventions used for lasts. For ease, each men’s boot on our website is clearly labeled as either a C-55 or P-79 last.

All of our women’s boots are made on the 36 last and run very true to size. For example, if you typically wear a women’s size 9, order a 9. 

Our men’s lasts require some extra attention. As you can see in the picture below, our C-55 men’s last is a touch more narrow with an almond-shaped toe. Our P-79 men’s last is a classic round toe and very forgiving to a range of different foot types.

Sizing varies slightly between these two lasts because of their structural differences. Due to the P-79 last’s slightly larger build, P-79 boots run slightly larger than their C-55 equivalent. In practice, this means that a customer should order P-79 boots half a size down from their C-55 size in order to get the same fit.

For example, a size 10 boot built on the C-55 would fit the same as a size 9.5 boot built on the P-79.

The Sizing Run-Down

*Please note that these suggestions are for men’s sizing*

 In this section, we’ll talk through the process of finding your Truman size in consideration of our lasts and your prior sizing experiences. We typically run our customers through these basic questions and answers to find their perfect fit.

  • What size do you typically wear in a service boot?
  • The P-79 is similar to other service boot lasts, and likely won’t need any adjustments. 

     P-79: same size

    C-55: ½ a size up


  • If you don’t own any service boots, what size are you in dress shoes?
  • On the other hand, the C-55 is similar to dress shoe lasts and likely won’t need any adjustments. 

    P-79: ½ a size down

    C-55: same size


  • If you don’t have any boots, what’s your sneaker size?
  • If your sneakers are for casual streetwear, we recommend the following adjustments.

    P-79: ½ a size down

    C-55: same size


  • What about running shoes?

    P-79: same size

    C-55: ½ a size up


    *A note on women’s to men’s sizing conversion*

    Our women’s boots run more narrow and feature a higher heel than our men’s boots. If you typically buy women’s shoes but you’re interested in a men’s style or inclined to a wider fit, don’t hesitate to look at our selection of men’s boots.

    With the complex nature of this conversion, we recommend you send us an e-mail at contact@trumanboot.com for personalized sizing assistance and peace of mind. That being said, listed below are our general recommendations for women to men’s sizing conversion.

    Men’s P-79: Go 2 sizes down from your women’s size (If you’re a women’s 7, order a 5 in the P-79)
    Men’s C-55: Go 1½  size down from your women’s size (If you’re a women’s 7, order a 5.5 in the C-55)

    Special Considerations

    Once you’ve found your Truman size with regards to your desired boot’s last, run through these special considerations and make any necessary tweaks. 


    We recommend customers wear medium-weight wool socks with our boots. This thickness, which can also be labeled as midweight, is the standard for most hiking boot socks and is readily available from outdoor equipment stores such as Cabela’s and REI. 

    If you prefer socks labeled as heavyweight that are significantly padded and thicker than most other options, consider sizing up half a size. Conversely, if you’re a fan of much thinner socks than the typical medium-weight style, consider going down half a size.

    Personal Preference

    Don’t overlook your personal preferences when it comes to sizing. If you know you like a loose fit, don’t be afraid to go half a size up. If you know you prefer a snug feel, don’t be afraid to go half a size down.


    Currently, alternate widths are only offered in our P-79 last. The D (standard width) is a great fit for a range of foot types, but we offer B (a narrow option) and EE (a wide option) for customers with these specific needs.

    Some Sizing Examples

    Still confused?

    It’s okay. It’s a lot to take in all at once, especially when each brand fits a little differently. Send us an e-mail at contact@trumanboot.com with all of your remaining sizing questions and we’ll get you taken care of. To expedite the process, include a brief summary of your sizing history across different brands. 

    Return Policy

    Say you order a pair, and you’re not quite thrilled with the fit. We’ve got you covered. Generally speaking, you will be eligible for a full refund or exchange if you send your boots back unworn in their original box within 7 days of initial delivery. 

    However, there are a few exceptions. Read the full policy here.

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