August 07, 2017


There is a deep Western culture here in Boulder, Colorado. We are smack in the middle of the country, nestled up to the Rocky Mountains with an expansive Western Range stretching far to the coast. There's a sense of traditional cowboy culture here and the harsh weather influences key importance on durable, trusted footwear and apparel. With this in mind, we felt that moving Truman Boot Company to Boulder in May of 2016 was an integral step in culturally shifting menswear in America.

In a place where trusted durability and consistency in high-quality are key to everyday lifestyle, aligning Truman Boot Company with those ideals only seemed natural. We strive to provide the highest quality in our boot construction as well as our leathers, and we wanted to be based in a place where we could not only help shift menswear on a larger scale - culturally, but on smaller scale as well, by positioning ourselves in a place that already embodies those similar values. 

Low and behold, we aren't the only ones who share these same ideals. In February of this year, a retail menswear shop opened on West Pearl Street in downtown Boulder called, "Canoe Club." Owned and operated by some key players in the menswear fashion industry, we knew this shop was going to be a hit! There's no other store like it in Boulder, or Colorado, and we've proudly partnered with the store to be our exclusive retailer in Colorado. 

The store not only embodies all the key values that we strive to uphold, but we are also partnering with them to evolve menswear in Colorado, and we believe, on a larger scale as well. By providing a solid stock of unique and extremely high-quality menswear apparel, including an impressive array of vintage pieces, and an overall style of modern masculinity combined with a woodsy rustic edge, Canoe Club is the wheelhouse for growing and influencing menswear. Pairing their menswear with our boots just seemed like a natural fit (like that pun?). 

As our partnership evolves with Canoe Club and we learn more in depth about what our customer base is interested in wearing, we're able to collaborate with the retail store and create exclusive makeups. Coming this Fall, Canoe Club will be offering exclusive collaborations on hiking boots, sneakers and a Chelsea boot as well! We're very excited about these upcoming collaborations and looking forward to the continued fruition of this partnership. Be sure to visit Canoe Club online to learn more about their store and the brands they carry! 

FYI - if you're on the search for our Marrone Boots, the shop is carrying our last stock run of Marrone Horse Rump Pull-Up Boots, in store and online! 

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