Resole & Repair on Coyote Roughout - Part 1 of 2



One of the things we love to see here at Truman is a well-worn pair of our boots. These beauties came in for a resole on our classic Commando sole. We love to deconstruct our boots that have seen extreme conditions. Although the sole has been drastically worn down, the durability of the leather upper and accompanying components is a testament to the quality of our hand-made boots.


Once we began to resole the boots, we were intrigued by the wear so much that we reached out to the owner of the boots, “Eric,” to find out what a typical day for these boots looks like to gain so much wear. As it turns out, these boots are put through the ringer on a daily basis at multiple hard labor jobs, with most wear being endured from his sustainable landscaping job. Even despite all the hard work these boots have seen, they are also cleaned and conditioned regularly to protect and promote long-lasting durability. There is no doubt, with this resole, that these boots will see many more years of wear even under hard-labor conditions.


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