Shop Visit and Q&A With Outlined Cloth

November 03, 2016

Shop Visit and Q&A With Outlined Cloth

We enjoy having anyone and everyone come and visit us at the shop. It's even more exciting when you have a very influential fashion and lifestyle blogger come in and check out what we do.

Our friend Devin of Outlined Cloth came and visited the shop. He brought his (very fashionable and lovely) fiancé Marlene and lovely mother Darleen with him to check out the shop. 

For those of you who don't know, Devin is the man behind Outlined Cloth. A fashion and lifestyle blog based around functional and fashionable men's goods. His Instagram has shown a way to combine workwear with daily fashionable outfits. He has influenced many brands, as well as an unknown amount of followers with his fashion sense and ability to make any sort of clothing look good.

While they were here, we gave them a tour of our small shop and walked them through the process of building a Made-To-Order boot, from picking the leather, construction and finishing. Of course we had great conversations and laughs about the industry, and lifestyle that we all appreciate and support. 

After they toured the shop, took pictures, and chatted, I asked Devin to sit down for a little Q&A about his thoughts on Truman, and the quickly growing and changing industry that we're all apart of. 

What was your first impression of Truman? 
My first impression was, wow they do everything in here?! I was amazed and truly impressed that the whole process is done right there in the shop. I have not seen anything like that so I was just blown away.
What are your thoughts about the shop and us being in Boulder?
The best part about visiting the shop is meeting the faces behind the brand. Seeing the passion in the workers and hearing them talk about making boots. When we put on clothes on each day, sometimes we lose sight of the fact that there is an individual behind the brand putting it all together.  Being in Boulder is even more special for me as I was born and raised there. Even though I live in Los Angeles now, Boulder is my roots. I played sports there, went to college there
and even bought some of my first boots there at Crossroads Mall.
What do you think sets Truman apart from other companies? 
The one thing that sets Truman apart is their made-to-order boots. The customization that one can choose means you can get the boots you truly want, the way you want them. I have not seen made-to-order for this price point and quality anywhere on the market.
What other brands do you think go well with the Truman esthetic/lifestyle?
There are a couple other brands that align with the lifestyle and esthetic of Truman Boots and one is my favorite, California denim brand Freenote Cloth. I have been a fan of the product since their inception and was excited to see a handful of Freenote goods being carried in Truman’s shop. A few more would be @SlightlyAlabama and @Starkmade, both making quality goods for men.
Do you think having completely in-house manufacturing is something people care about? does it deter you when companies are made in giant factories where a bunch of other companies have their stuff made as well?
I absolutely believe as social media continues to grow and the story behind the brand becomes just as important as the products themselves, the fact they are doing it all in house is something people care about. I am not entirely turned off by a brand if they are making their products in a giant factory as I know there is a lot that goes into running a brand. But a company like Truman does catch your eye first and makes you want to know more about them and what they are doing.
Do you think it's important for a guy to have a pair (or more) of quality boots in their wardrobe? If so, why? 
Growing up in Colorado, it was always important for me to have a solid pair of boots. Now living in Los Angeles, I gravitate toward boots due to their comfort and they can be worn outside and in the office with ease.  I think it is essential for a guy to have at least one pair (and in my case a couple go-to pairs) of boots that they can interchange with any look. Boots can be dressed up and down, being one of the most versatile items in a man’s closet besides a solid pair of denim.
Is Made in America an important topic? Do you see people favoring US made, or do you think people are indifferent about it?
For me, I do my very best to seek out Made in America brands, I understand how hard it can be, so I am not one to judge a company for having to outsource work. I have seen a growing trend among menswear shoppers to seek well-made goods in the US. 
Do you see US manufacturing growing with clothing/boot production? Do you think it will continue to grow, or is it just a "fad”?
My personal opinion is that US manufacturing has peaked, but my hope is it will continue to grow. I think it is hard for any brand to be successful regardless of where they are making their product, but at times the cost of doing it in the US is too much for a brand to sustain long term. I really hope it is not just a fad, but being supportive is these brands is one way to make sure Made in America continues to thrive and grow.
What are your thoughts about so many new (clothing or boot) companies popping up, producing almost the same product, and most of the time being cheaply made overseas? 
They say that imitation is the best form of flattery, so I think it is good because it forces companies to continue to put out a better product. It is frustrating to see products being cheaply made,  but I think the competition is healthy because the repeat consumer will seek out well-made goods in the end.


Again, I'd like to thank Devin, Marlene, and Darleen for coming and checking out the shop. It is always great to have people come in and see how we build our boots from start to finish.