Truman Boot Co. produces less then 2,000 boots annually. We do not ever plan on manufacturing hundreds of thousands of boots a year. It is not what we have set out to do. We aim to produce a boot that will be unique and worth wearing for years. Our boots are always built with the best materials possible so they may be enjoyed by the user. We believe we can achieve this by keeping things simple with our focus aimed at quality. Our small workshop is located in Boulder, Colorado. Vince Romano started Truman Boot Co. in 2014 after traveling for five years in many different areas of the world. He realized that there is something unique to the skill and a heritage that runs deep in the American workforce. The driving force behind our company is to resist the “brain and labor drain” that plagues our nation. Romano began building this company with that in mind. Keeping that idea as the backbone of who we are as a company, the new American workforce.