Leather Notes

Olive Waxed Flesh

Basic Details

Horween hanging hides

About the Tannery

Horween Tanning

Horween Tannery is located in Chicago, Illinois, USA. They have been producing exceptional leathers at scale for over a hundred years, suppliers of leather to military contractors and basketball and football makers.

Their ability to transform a hide into a canvas of leather is a feat and stands as a bastion of American manufacturing.

The Look

The Feel

How to Care for Olive Waxed Flesh

Graphic illustration of leather care brush cleaning cloth and water drop


1.  Using a horse hair brush, lightly brush to remove any debris, dust and dirt from the uppers. 

2.  Take a wet-but-not-dripping, clean cloth to further release any stubborn dirt, and pickup all additional buildup.

3.  If there is dirt or mud thickly caked on that does not come off with just water, we recommend our Leather Boot Cleaner. This can be applied directly to the leather, followed by gentle pressure with a horsehair brush to lift persistent dirt from the leather.

4.  Using a clean, dry cloth, remove any excess water and/or excess cleaner, if used. 

5.  Air dry only — quickly drying with heat can shrink, deform and otherwise crack the leather. 

Graphic illustration of leather wax and horsehair brush


Just like your skin, leather becomes dry and needs to be reconditioned to retain its strength, prevent cracking and therefore prolong its lifespan. Frequency of conditioning is dependent on three things: the leather, your lifestyle and the climate in which you live. 

Using a horse hair brush designated solely for conditioner, apply a small amount first to the brush, and then gently brush in the conditioner using swift, intentional movements. For water resistance, our Leather Protector should be applied to all seams in addition to the upper leather.

If you want to preserve the worn, roughed up aesthetic of the boot, but still want to protect the leather, we recommend a waterproofing suede spray.

Signs that your boots need to be conditioned include 
stiffness or a feeling of dryness to the touch. 

Leather should never be allowed to get so dry that visible cracking occurs on the surface.