Mowhawk Leather

Mohawk Leather Care

Step 1

Boot Wax

Be sure leather is clean and dry before applying wax. While it doesn’t darken most leathers, there are always exceptions. Be sure and test a small portion in an unseen area of the leather. Unlace your boot or shoe and apply enough wax to cover the entire surface area of the shoe. The midsole, while often times overlooked, benefits from wax as well. Allow the applied wax to sit on the leather for 15 minutes. Then, using a horse hair brush, buff the wax into the boot with moderate vigor to create heat until a gleam or shine has appeared.

Step 2


This leather is unharmed by using water to clean it. We do not recommend soaking or submersing your boots in water. Apply water with a wet or damp cloth or in cases where excess dirt is a factor. A spray bottle works as well.

Step 3

Suede Spray

Be sure your suede is clean and dry before applying. Simply spray the surface of the shoe in it’s entirety. Allow the spray to dry for 2-3 hours. Apply a second coat. For extra protection a third coat is recommended.

Step 3

Buffing Cloth

Use this cloth to apply leather care products. It can be damp to clean dirt, but a dry cloth can be used to buff leather into a shine as well using firm pressure.

Step 4

Horse Hair Brush

We recommend using a horse hair brush to apply and buff wax or saddle soap into your leather. We recommend that two separate brushes are used for each, one for application and a separate for buffing. You can use water to clean your brush if need be. It is advised not to use this brush to remove dirt as it will scratch the leather.