MTO Options

Decided to get a new pair of Truman Boots but don't know where to start? We can help. 

All our footwear are made on the Truman 79 last, which fits true-to-size. If you need help determining what size to order, drop us a line using our contact form.

Once you know your size the customization process can really begin. We've broken it down into the following options:


We currently produce four styles of footwear, a Front Range boot, a Derby shoe, a Chukka shoe and an Upland boot.


** Upland boots are only available with Field Shoe heel and Derby shoes are only available with Strip Back heel **

Our Front Range Boots have four different heel styles: with pull, remove pull, field shoe, or strip back.

With Pull: classic two-piece heel with a looped leather pull-tab on the back, which makes them easier to pull on.

Remove Pull: classic two-piece heel without the looped pull-tab.

Field Shoe: one piece of material, covering the heel and narrowing up the back of the boot.

Strip Back: a single strip of material along the heel from top to bottom. 


The portion of a shoe that wraps around the front of the foot (the forefoot) is referred to as the "vamp". We have three vamp styles available for our Front Range Boots: plain toe, cap toe, and perforated cap toe. At the moment, our Upland boots and Derby shoes are only available with a plain toe vamp.
Plain Toe: consists of a single piece of leather that wraps around the front of the foot. 
Cap Toe: made of two pieces of leather, which are secured together with a several lines of stitching.
Perforated Cap Toe: made of two pieces of leather, but there is a decorative line of perforations where the two vamp pieces meet.

Hardware Configuration

We offer both eyelets and speed hooks (or a combination of both). Footwear generally uses eyelets, which are grommets used to keep the leather from ripping or stretching when shoe laces are tightened. We also offer speed hooks, which are small hooks laces wrap around rather than being strung through. This allows the boots to be removed more easily.

Derby shoes are made with 5 eyelets only. 

Front Range Boots:
7 Eyelets
8 Eyelets
5 Eyelets + 2 Speed hooks  
4 Eyelets + 3 Speed hooks

Upland boots are made with 6 eyelets + 4 speed hooks + 1 eyelet.

Hardware Finish


Toe Construction

All our shoe vamps are made with two layers of leather, the outer portion that is visible and the softer inner lining (not visible).

Structured: a piece of celastic is placed in between the two layers of material in the vamp. Celastic is a piece of plastic infused fabric, which we heat, harden, and mold to the shape of the toe. This is common for a work or outdoor boot. The extra support offers less collapse in the material on top of the toe. 

Unstructured: nothing in-between the two layers of leather. This is common for a casual work or dress shoe. Slightly less bulbous on the toe, more of a relaxed look to the leather after wear. 


Sole Types

Studded Dainite: The Studded Dainite sole is far-and-away the most popular outsole that we offer. It is durable, offers good traction, and has a slim profile, which allows it to be easily dressed up or down. If you are unsure what sole to put on your daily-drivers, the Dainite makes an excellent choice.

Goodyear Commando: Our second most popular sole is the Goodyear Commando, which offers excellent traction in even the harshest of conditions. Although the interior of this sole is heavily lugged, the perimeter is left lug-free. This design allows for better snow and mud displacement, and also helps to hide the lugs from view.

Vibram Christy (Available in black or white): The Vibram Christy wedge sole was originally used by roofers who needed high-traction when standing on a slanted surface. The cushioned nature of this sole makes it one of the most comfortable on the market.