Made to shrink during the tanning process, the size of the hides are reduced by up to 25%. Fully waterproof and Gore-tex Compliant, the characteristics are a smooth suede finish with a tight grain structure with minimal stretch and creasing. It's extremely durable and one of the easiest leathers to clean and care for that we are running.


The leather is tanned in the UK by what can easily be described as the best suede tannery in the world - tannery Charles F. Stead. It is the only suede tannery used by Truman Boot Co.




LASTING QUALITY As with all our products, we strive to keep our boots a workwear product, and that means selecting components that hold up for years. Our leathers are world class and selected from only a had full of tanneries on the planet. Threads, shanks, sole and Our boots usually come in for a resole around 2-3 years and go back out for another 2-3 years, usually determined by the life of the sole.