Elbamatt Ambra (Tempesti)
Elbamatt Ambra (Tempesti)
Elbamatt Ambra (Tempesti)
$ 530.00

Elbamatt Ambra (Tempesti)

Italy has a long running tradition of producing some of the worlds nicest vegetable tanned leathers, and we're happy to be working with another long standing tannery: Tempesti. Their Elbamatt leather is a simple, smooth veg-tan; it has a wonderfully soft hand a slight glow, although it is far from shiny.

Boots are shown with:
Cap Toe
Black Upper Stitching
Classic 2-Piece (Keep Pull Tab)
Black Chromexcel Horsehide Tongue
5+2, Polished Brass
Unstructured Toe
Vibram Christy Sole (Black)