Color 85 Horse Rump CROWD-FUNDING


This is a horse rump out of Maryam Tannery in Tuscany Italy. The finish is less matte then our Aubergine or Marrone but has more shine to it then our other Maryam horse rumps. 

Horse hides are selected from Northern EU countries where hides are thicker due to colder weather which also ensures less tick and bug bites. 



Truman Boots are built in Boulder, Colorado entirely by hand. Here at Truman, we are dedicated to offering our customers the finest leathers in the world. Of the hundreds of leathers that pass through our hands only a select few make it into production. This concept also stands for every component used during the construction of the boot. We are constantly striving to provide the highest quality material on the planet for our boots to be made with.



Maryam - Toscana, Italy. With total respect to nature and a long history of craftsmanship and an investment in innovative technology, Maryam provides sustainable vegetable tanning that transforms rough skin to smooth leather.