Factory Friday: May 30th

Factory Friday: May 30th

It's Friday and we're here with some behind the scenes shots from the production floor. We build our boots here in Eugene, Oregon and we're very proud of our process and the end result, and we think you will enjoy some behind the scenes action.

Cognac Teton Stag is being sewn here by very skilled hands that guide this leather.

Sewn uppers waiting to be transferred before having hardware installed.

More uppers awaiting hardware.

Just like sewing, our lasting process is a combination of man and machine, the best of both worlds.

Here you can clearly see the thick veg tan midsole we use as the foundation of our boots.

Here the boot is being guided along the sander.

A post-sanding shot of a Stone Rambler boot.

Our finishing rack is currently heavy on the commando sole.

Hopefully this was an enjoyable insight into our process. Check back next week to see more.


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  • Lee Hemenway

    Great to see these photos! Thanks for showing us behind the curtain!

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