About Us

My name is Vince Romano. I started the company in 2014 after spending 2-3 years of teaching myself to make boots. The initial goal was to recreate a pair of boots I really enjoyed wearing during my travels. The objective of the project shifted as I realized there was almost no footwear manufacturers left in the US. The factories left were on their last leg. And, there appeared to be a great demand for an American made boot.

From a very humble beginning to what we are now, Truman has not lost sight of its goal. We are, essentially, putting our foot in the closing door of US footwear manufacturing. The term “Made in the USA” has failed us as well. The simple “bottoming” of footwear manufactured overseas, almost to its entirety, the term holds almost no weight at this point. For Truman, from leather hides to completed boot, the entire process is performed, by us here in Eugene, Oregon.

Our material and leathers come from the USA, England, Spain, Mexico, Italy and the Dominican Republic. All of our materials are selected for being the best on the market. We work on a constant improvement system where we are constantly sampling and testing new materials for better function and longevity. After almost a decade in business I still work on the production floor daily. Filling in where I am needed to make production run smoothly. The ability for me to do this helps with decision making from the brand level to the design level.

If you found yourself reading this, whether you’ve purchased our boots or not, we very much appreciate you. Your interest in “made here” is how you arrived here. That is the single biggest factor in keeping this tradition alive.

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