Truman Journal

On Leather Laces
Let's get into laces, and specifically our standard leather laces and how we setup our boots. Each pair of Trumans comes with a pair of 1/8" thick, 72"-long heavy-duty leather laces. These laces are intended to be cut to size....
State of the Truman
This year has yielded a very strong foothold for our company in the footwear industry, and for this we have our customer base to thank. The folks who buy our boots are in large part why we do what we do, and the energy from them has really kept things positive, motivated and moving forward as a team.
Breakdown of MTO Options
Our guide will help you design your perfect pair and clarify any confusion about the details.
Winter Leather Forecast
Here in the Pacific Northwest, there’s an unmissable shift from season to season. As November presses on, the last few sunny days have been traded for foggy mornings, overcast gray skies, and steady rainfall. The coming colder months call for preparation—that includes a thorough evaluation of the leathers we’re bringing in to carry us through the winter.
Stone Rambler: One boot that does it all
Different hides excel at different activities. However, one of the biggest lessons we’ve learned from our years of experimentation is the often overlooked importance of versatility. Our own routines demand flexibility.
The Path Toward Patina
Patina is the evolution of color and texture that leather experiences over time. In other words, patina is a leather boot’s badge of honor. No one can deny the clear difference between a freshly unboxed pair of Trumans and a well-worn pair rich with rugged patina. 
A Brief Guide to Pairing Trumans
Coffee and cigarettes. Salt and pepper. Boots and Denim. Some things have always been better together. When you find that perfect combination, you hold onto it. How do you wear Trumans? The short answer: however your life needs them to be worn.
Writing and Rambling
We sat down with writer and professor James Watson, and chatted about how he lives in his Stone Ramblers, offering glimpses into the life of a modern author.
Life at the End of the Oregon Trail
Follow the Oregon Trail far enough and you will reach a place teeming with industry, a Mecca for makers, with abounding natural resources and unending fertility. The indigenous population found refuge in the towering Sequoias, the lanky firs and groves of redwood, where immediate access to the Pacific ...
What is Made to Order?
It is the day’s end as I sit here and type this from my desk, which is covered in some of our latest offerings; Coyote Rough Out, Black Horse Rump, Chukkas, Army Waxy Commander, as well as some new, soon-to-be-released...
Ready to Ramble
Come along as we take a closer look at the Rambler leather, from our good friends at C.F. Stead Tannery in England, and learn what makes this leather so unique.
Interview with Huckberry
Last month Huckberry caught up with Vince, owner and founder of Truman Boot Co. to get his thoughts on boots, the nuances of leather, and what inspires him. Truman Boot Co. started with the founder, Vince Romano, and his vision to bring...