Factory Friday: June 28th

Factory Friday: June 28th

It's Friday and we're here with some behind the scenes shots from the production floor. We build our boots here in Eugene, Oregon and we're very proud of our process and the end result, and we think you will enjoy some behind the scenes action.

Snuff Waxy Commander is very pleasant to work with, going through production without a hitch.

Punching hardware holes in a pair of custom Black Cherry Bison boots.

Snuff Waxy Commander awaiting hardware before lasting.

The texture on Shrunken Bison has no comparison.

Custom Uplands heading through production.

A pair of Uplands in Cognac Teton Stag, which is a white tail deer leather.

Some Coach Ramblers in Upland form going through the line.

New build on the 20 last with Stone Rambler.

Heel stacks lined out in preparation for nailing on heels.

Java Waxed Flesh finishing up for next week's restock.

Hopefully this was an enjoyable insight into our process. Check back next week to see more.


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  • Delric Mcneal

    Thanks for showing us behind the scene. Excited to see the Snuff Waxy Commander.

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