A Brief Guide to Pairing Trumans

A Brief Guide to Pairing Trumans

Coffee and cigarettes. Salt and pepper. Boots and Denim. Some things have always been better together. When you find that perfect combination, you hold onto it.

Likewise, when you find a brand or item that fits your lifestyle, you don’t let it go. If you're lucky, you’ve found something trustworthy: an extension of yourself. Designed and constructed with trustworthiness in mind, Truman boots are the ideal partners for your journey.

How do you wear Trumans? The short answer: however your life needs them to be worn. Each pair of boots will stand solidly alongside you as a purpose-built companion. That being said, an opportunity exists to highlight your Trumans. With a little attention, you can accentuate your boots by pairing them with a denim that draws attention to their defining features.  

Denim: a boot’s oldest friend

Whether it’s color, patina, or texture, the individual character of a leather is complemented by the right denim pairing. Please don’t misunderstand us. If you could care less about color combinations and you’re just looking for something that won’t let you down during your work day, Trumans are for you. However, trust us when we say that a little effort goes a long way. A few extra seconds in the morning is all it takes to find a boot and denim combination that sings.

A Work Week Staple: Steel Predator Leather & Blue Jeans

The dusky gray of Steel Predator is just the right shade for your everyday blue jeans. Understated and easy on the eyes, it’s highly unlikely you’ll find a combination more classic than this one.

When in Doubt, Black on Black

What goes with black 100% of the time? Black. A no-brainer pairing that has yet to let anyone down. Our Black Waxed Flesh boot is perfectly suited for black denim.

Black & Brown Done Right with Autumn CXL

The warm chestnut glow of the Autumn Chromexcel boot steals the show every time. Pair these boots with solid black denim so they get the attention they deserve.

Dark Blue & Gobi Mohawk, Contrast at its Best

The light tan of Gobi Mohawk pops best when it’s contrasted by a dark blue denim. Add a flannel to this pairing and you’re set for the day.

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