On Leather Laces

On Leather Laces

Let's get into laces, and specifically our standard leather laces and how we setup our boots.

Each pair of Trumans comes with a pair of 1/8" thick, 72"-long heavy-duty leather laces. These laces are intended to be cut to size.

Some people prefer to tie a double-knot at the top of the boot, others prefer to wrap the laces around the ankle.

To cut your laces to the correct length for you:

  1. Lace the boots with your preferred lacing method, either ending with the laces wrapped around and tied, or just tied.
  2. Using a pair of standard scissors, trim off excess leaving 2-3 inches left over based on your preference for how that looks.
Over time, the leather laces will stretch some, and you can trim them down as you see fit. That's it, no rocket science. Eventually the laces will need to be replaced, and we have the same laces your boots come with available here:

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  • David Hagan

    These are the best laces available. I have looked and you can tell by the feel, strength and quality. Make a fine mandolin and mandola strap too.

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