Stone Rambler: One boot that does it all

Stone Rambler: One boot that does it all



People ask for boot recommendations all the time. It goes a little something like this.

Customer: What boot would you recommend for living in the rainy pacific northwest?
Us: The Army Waxy Commander is a waterproof and resilient option.


Customer 2: What about a boot for long hours of sturdy use in the factory?

Us: The Whiskey and Steel Predator were practically built for the demands of the work day.

That’s the way of the leather world. Different hides excel at different activities. However, one of the biggest lessons we’ve learned from our years of experimentation is the often overlooked importance of versatility. Our own routines demand flexibility. We go from spending long weeks in the factory to days in the office. Sometimes, we’ll spend an evening in town after an early morning of working outside. The easier it is for a pair of boots to adapt, the more we find ourselves relying on them for everyday use. 

That brings us to the Stone Rambler. When we find a leather as versatile as this English cowhide, we hold onto it. What exactly makes the Stone Rambler so versatile? Several qualities distinguish this leather as a jack of all trades: its ability to clean up after a long work day, its texture’s talent for blending nicks and scuffs, and its highly adaptable color.

From muddy fields to city streets

After a long workday, most people clean themselves up a bit and change their clothes before heading into town. Typically, work boots don’t make the transition with them. It’s no mystery why. Tough boots rarely look nice enough for a night out and dressier shoes rarely meet the demands of a workday. The Stone Rambler stands out for its ability to make this transition with ease. Durability and classic style come together to create a boot that adapts. Take a wet rag to this leather for a quick cleaning, and you’ll have your Ramblers going from muddy fields to city streets in no time.

The Advantage of Rambler Texture

Fresh from the tannery, Stone Rambler carries a story. Everything an animal’s been through is visually reflected by this leather. Ticks, scratches, and veins from an animal’s past give each Rambler hide an entirely unique texture.

Fortunate for us, new scratches and scuffs also blend in effortlessly. This ability to take markings of heavy use and blend them into a visually-pleasing texture is the Stone Rambler’s super power. You don’t have to worry about wear and tear hurting this boot’s appearance. Yet another reason this leather can do it all.

Considering Color

The Stone Rambler’s dark chocolate shading works wonders when it comes to outfit versatility. This brown is subtle enough to complement nearly any wardrobe. Unlike the vibrant Squirrel or Black Burgundy Rambler boots, this rendition of Rambler features understated earth tones that lighten and darken across the boot. Guaranteed to blend but never bore, this results in a color suited for a multitude of looks. 

Parting Words

Whether you’re spending time in your own front yard or venturing upon untraveled roads, you can count on the same boot. The Stone Rambler’s knack for dressing up and down, storied texture, and highly matchable color make for a boot that can do it all.

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  • Leslie Wattkis

    Sneakers I am 10. I went down to 9.5. Consider the rambler is now lined it feels really snug. less space with boot socks. Should I go with 10 for snuff wax. Thank you Leslie.

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