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Dark Coyote Rough Out

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About the Tannery


Seidel Tanning, nestled in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, has been a cornerstone in the American leather industry for over 75 years. This fourth-generation, family-owned business stands out as one of the largest high-quality leather producers in the U.S. Known for its enduring presence since WWII, Seidel has become synonymous with robust work and western boots, as well as motorcycle leather.

The Look

The Feel

illustration of horsehair brush cleaning cloth and water drop


1.  Using a horse hair brush, lightly brush to remove any debris, dust and dirt from the uppers. 

2.  Take a wet-but-not-dripping, clean cloth to further release any stubborn dirt, and pickup all additional buildup.

3.  If there is dirt or mud thickly caked on that does not come off with just water, we recommend our Leather Boot Cleaner. This can be applied directly to the leather, followed by gentle pressure with a horsehair brush to lift persistent dirt from the leather.

4.  Using a clean, dry cloth, remove any excess water and/or excess cleaner, if used. 

5.  Air dry only — quickly drying with heat can shrink, deform and otherwise crack the leather. 

illustration of leather wax container and horsehair brush


With Rough Out leather, cleaning and conditioning will be significantly different than most of our leathers. While Rough Out leather is known for its low maintenance, a couple of tips will help keep your boots going.

After wear, the nap can become matted down irregularly. This can be overcome simply by using a wire brush lightly in a back and forth motion to gently remove any dirt.

If waterproofing is the goal, one option is to use a suede spray over the entirety of the boot. This will retain the nappy, rough texture but provide perfect water resistance. It is also possible to use Truman wax to waterproof, but the texture will generally become more matted down.

Signs that your boots 
need to be conditioned include stiffness or a feeling of dryness to the touch. 

Leather should never be allowed to get so dry that visible cracking occurs on the surface.

Your Words, Not Ours


Living in the rainy Netherlands made this an easy purchase. I’ve had no fear and no trouble wearing these everywhere. And while they have the esthetic of a work boot, they are not out of place in the office. Tough but supple makes an overall everyday, everywhere boot. Happy customer, again ☺️


This is my second pair of Truman boots. I got this in a 12 and 1/2. Just like my first pair (Black Teacore) these boots have a level of craftsmanship that I truly admire. I enjoy wearing these boots, smelling the leather, and looking at them in admiration. It’s a good thing I’m single or my admiration would certainly cause jealousy. Truman Boots are a testament to excellent American craftsmanship.