Leather Notes

Stone Rambler

Basic Details

About the Tannery

C.F. Stead

C.F. Stead, based in Leeds, England, is a distinguished tannery with a rich history dating back to its founding in 1904. Renowned for its exquisite craftsmanship where traditional artisanal skills and techniques are valued.

With over a century of experience, C.F. Stead has solidified its status in the fine leather industry.

The Look

The Feel

illustration of horsehair brush cleaning cloth and water drop


1.  Using a horse hair brush, lightly brush to remove any debris, dust and dirt from the uppers. 

2.  Take a wet-but-not-dripping, clean cloth to further release any stubborn dirt, and pickup all additional buildup.

3.  If there is dirt or mud thickly caked on that does not come off with just water, we recommend our Leather Boot Cleaner. This can be applied directly to the leather, followed by gentle pressure with a horsehair brush to lift persistent dirt from the leather.

4.  Using a clean, dry cloth, remove any excess water and/or excess cleaner, if used. 

5.  Air dry only — quickly drying with heat can shrink, deform and otherwise crack the leather. 

illustration of leather wax container and horsehair brush


Just like your skin, leather becomes dry and needs to be reconditioned to retain its strength, prevent cracking and therefore prolong its lifespan. Frequency of conditioning is dependent on three things: the leather, your lifestyle and the climate in which you live. 

For frequently worn boots, you may want to condition as often as five or six times a year. If your boots sit amongst a collection of boots — resulting in infrequent wear — they may not need conditioning for years.

You will want to prevent the leather from drying out with the occasional application of conditioner, such as our Leather Protector or Leather Cream.

Using a horse hair brush designated solely for conditioner, apply a small amount first to the brush, and then gently brush in the conditioner using swift, intentional movements. For water resistance, our Leather Protector is the better choice of conditioner, and should be applied to all seams in addition to the upper leather.

Signs that your boots need to be conditioned include 
stiffness or a feeling of dryness to the touch. 

Leather should never be allowed to get so dry that visible cracking occurs on the surface.

Your Words, Not Ours


This was my first boot with (SR) Truman. The moment your foot slip in you know it is very, very special. I have four pairs now. The lining is amazing, believe me, one must experience it. words alone are not enough. The leather is rouged yet beautifully done. Your stance is fantastic in any situation. I love my Java, but the stone rambler is my holy grail boot truly.

West Palm Beach, Florida

Received the Stone Rambler and love this leather and how the last fit my feet. Great character and veining in the substantial leather and excellent craftsmanship of the boot. Felt great the moment I put it on.

Plano, Texas