Leather Guide

Waxed Flesh

With Waxed Flesh leather, there is no need to deviate from our general cleaning instructions, which you can find here

You will want to prevent the leather from drying out with the occasional application of wax. The frequency of application depends on your lifestyle and the climate in which you live.

When it comes time to apply the wax, less is more. Using a horse hair brush that you’ve designated solely for waxing, apply a small amount of the wax first to the brush, and then gently brush in the wax using swift, intentional movements. A heat gun or hair dryer on low, held from a distance of 6” or so can be used to melt any surface wax into the leather. For water resistance, make sure to apply wax to all seams.

If you want to preserve the aesthetic the boot, but still want to protect the leather, we recommend a waterproofing suede spray.