Coach Rambler, A Visual Tour

Coach Rambler, A Visual Tour


In our top 5 best sellers, Coach Rambler is now synonymous with Truman Boot. For years we ran this leather at a full weight of 2.2-24mm leaving it unlined, usually with a brown or tan tongue. We made the decision in 2023 to begin fully lining our entire Rambler line up and use a matching tongue as standard. I have to say, this was the right move. 

These are cut, sewn, lasted, bottomed and finished right here in our Eugene, Oregon factory. Featuring our Commando sole and Goodyear flat welt. 

Stead shrinks their suede by between 15% and 30% of the original size during production. In this “drawing together” of the fibre structure that has been the basis of the leathers reputation since they began producing this suede 60 years ago. This tighter fibre structure to the suede is responsible for the unique appearance and enhanced wear properties of Stead suedes.

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  • Ted

    Super cool boots. I look forward to getting a pair!

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