International Shipping

At this time, all shipping facilities are experiencing long shipping delays due to Covid-19, and we understanding how frustrating this it. Unfortunately, we have no control over the parcel once it has left our facility. We have recently been made aware that it is standard practice for packages to have to sit for up to 2 weeks in quarantine before departing the US, and again for up to 2 weeks once they reach the country of destination. This practice has caused the whole shipping process to be elongated to up to 4-6 week. We are experiencing this issue alongside you, and are here to support you! All international packages are insured, and we have not had any issue with lost packages in the past, only these delays. We truly wish that we could speed this process up, but right now our only option is to patiently wait. We hope this information is helpful, and please let us know if you have any other questions!

USPS International Service Alerts

Updated May 8, 2020