top down view of 20 last

20 Last

Our newest last is a bulkier last with a snug fitting heel. Lots of room in the toe and fore part of the boot. Sized the same as our 79 last. Features good arch support as well.

25mm Heel Lift

side view of the 20 last showing  the raised toe

79 Last

Our most popular and our original last, the 79, is a vintage last from Musebeck Shoe Co. in Wisconsin. A large quantity of these lasts were acquired by Truman boot prior to a full launch of the brand. It has a classic round toe used in the majority of our boot construction. The D (Standard) width last is very forgiving to many foot types.

25mm Heel Lift

man wearing Black Teacore boots
man wearing toscanello horse rump boots on dark background
man walking stairs in steel predator leather boots