Marrone Horse Rump Pull-Up
Marrone Horse Rump Pull-Up
Marrone Horse Rump Pull-Up
$ 560.00

Marrone Horse Rump Pull-Up

Here at Truman we are dedicated to offering our customers the finest leathers in the world. Of the hundreds of leathers that pass through our hands only a select few make it into production. This horsehide is everything we have been looking for in a smooth, brown leather. It has a dense fiber structure, beautiful pull-up and depth of color, and just enough imperfections to remind you that you are wearing something natural. If you are only going to own a single pair of boots, this is the one — no question.


Boots are shown with:
Plain Toe
Tan Upper Stitching
Pull Tab
Marrone Tongue (Brown Chromexcel Horsehide Default)
8 Eyelets, Polished Brass
Unstructured Toe
Dainite Sole